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Next-level online grocery UX

We help supermarkets & their suppliers to build powerful next-gen shopping experiences that combine conversational AI and visual UX. Built around missions, inspiration and time-saving tools, these experiences boost AOV, loyalty and Retail Media performance.


Boost basket size at every step

We’re rethinking online grocery shopping from the ground up to improve the experience for retailers and their shoppers.


Retailers are missing out on millions of dollars in basket value by putting the onus on shoppers to fill their baskets. Our tools help shoppers to trust you to guide them through a super-quick shopping experience that fulfils all their needs: not with individual items, one at a time, but by checking off meals and days, filling cupboards, planning for events and keeping their home in order.


Shoppers complete their shop in minutes and retailers benefit from higher AOV through relevant and targeted upselling and cross-selling.

Become the one place for all your shopper’s needs ​

We help you to offer your shoppers a market-leading user experience. Our AI-powered tools help shoppers to save time and eat well (through inspiring meal ideas), completing their shop in minutes, encouraging them to keep coming back to you instead of competitors. 
Contextually relevant and personalised bundling, cross-selling and recommendation tools increase perceived value and help shoppers to save money overall. 
At the same time we boost AOV and help you to win market-share, by making sure shoppers have everything they need (avoiding top-up shops through convenience and instant delivery channels) and by replacing take-out and eat-out occasions with inspiring meals supplied by you.
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Powerful ways to drive retail media spend, naturally

Everything we do encourages shoppers to place more trust in you to help them complete their shop and offer them personalised and relevant recommendations. Our campaign tools allow you and your suppliers to leverage that trust to boost retail media performance with compelling promotional opportunities in the right context at the right time. 


Our exciting new shopping formats have natural ways for suppliers to promote their products included by design. Unlike sponsored search and banners, shoppers see these as helpful suggestions, not just ads, helping drive conversion.

The Grocery Genius platform easily integrates with your existing retail media tech stack to help you compete for advertising dollars with new and additional media opportunities with high conversion rates. Increase the scope of your offering to include brand-building and top-of-funnel opportunities to win revenue from social media and other traditional media channels.

About Us

Grocery Genius is a dedicated team of retail and media experts and eCommerce platform engineers, based primarily in London with satellite offices in Europe. Collectively we have vast experience in delivering powerful marketing and shopper-led experiences for FMCG brands and supermarkets, having worked together on ventures in adjacent spaces in the past.


In 2023 we spotted an opportunity to revolutionise the way consumers experience a grocery shop online, removing the tedium, time spent and repetitiveness for shoppers and at the same time building loyalty and increasing profitability for retailers. We work with a handful of major supermarkets including Ahold-Delhaize and a number of the biggest FMCG/CPG owners in the world, including Unilever.


In 2024 we're rolling out our exciting suite of innovative shopping UX formats and our retail media campaign tools. Get in touch to set-up a demo and learn more about our platform and roadmap.

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